Club Focus – Chelsea – Things were looking Bleakley

Carlo Ancelotti announced, post Birmingham victory, that Didier Drogba will start the Blues next game away at Burnley. However, how much has the powerful target man been missed, if at all?

Chelsea in recent weeks, since the Ivoirians departure, have lacked the brute force and aerial threat Drogba can provide. In order to adjust, the Londoners have used free-flowing football and wingers to great effect. Intricate passes and moves have stabilised the team in the African’s absence, with mid-fielders breaking from deep the goals have been surging. Nicolas Anelka has played on the last line of defence, a role he was familiar to playing under Sam Allardyce as a lone striker at Bolton. The striker has been merciless in front of goal. His pace on the ball allows the Frenchman to manufacture his own chances, as he anticipates expertly paced through balls from the midfield cavalry he can burst through latching on to lose pickings. With the omission of Chelsea’s pivotal goal scorer, Frank Lampard justified his starting position. After receiving considerable flak for his early season, goalless antics the midfielder has reinstated his credentials. Many were discontent that the vice-captain’s position was never challenged – analysts insisted his reputation was earning his starting place in the side. However the old clich

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