Ancelotti won’t be spending big this summer, and disagrees with Capello over under-investment

Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti disagrees with his Italian countryman, Fabio Capello, regarding comments the England boss made about investment in the Premier League on Thursday, and will not be spending big in the summer transfer market.

In this interview in the Italian daily La Gazzetta dello Sport, Capello said how English clubs, in particular Manchester United, did not replace their top players sold in the summer, and that has caused the shift in power in the Champions League this season.

Capello said how “In the last few years the strong teams have sold important players; like Manchester United, who lost Ronaldo and Tevez… who wants to stay competitive must buy at least one or two great players every year… Three out of the four teams in the Champions League semi-finals made big investments.”

However Ancelotti told his Friday press conference that he was not in agreement with Capello on this subject, and went further by claiming that Chelsea will not be spending big this summer, as it is not needed.

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