Korea DPR Camp Focus – Knockout phase still the target for ambitious North Korea

Media interest continues to increase around the Korea DPR (A bit of a mouthful? Try complaining to coach Kim Jong-Hun: “We are called the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Do not use any other name. Next question.”) after the Chomilla’s admirable performance against five-times World Cup winners Brazil. The circus-like frenzy was intensified after rumours that four North Korean players named in Tuesday’s squad have seemingly gone off the radar. Goalkeeper Kim Myong-Won, along with An Chol-Hyok, Kim Kyong-Il and Pak Sung-Hyok were all listed as ‘absent’ before the match with Dunga’s side, prompting speculation that the players had defected. However, the quarter was eventually ‘found’ after turning up for training as usual. The rather vague explanation given was a “technical error”, but the story proves how imaginations can run wild when such a mysterious outfit like Korea DPR arrive in town. The story most likely was born thanks to a breakdown in communication somewhere down the line. Nonetheless, it would be unsurprising for gossip to circulate that the players had been ordered home by madcap dictator Kim Jong-Il for failing to uphold the honour of the nation or suchlike. However, such are the media restrictions surrounding the camp the true story may never be fully revealed.

After the hugely encouraging result against Brazil, Kim Jong-Hun still considers qualification from Group G as the minimum aim. The tactician adopts a strict policy of keeping his cards close to his chest, and Kim only went as far as suggesting that no-one is getting ahead of themselves after the promising effort against the Sele


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