The ADL Index – World Cup 2010 England player ratings – England 0-0 Algeria

England’s lackluster performance against Algeria did nothing to silence the critics as they were held to a 0-0 draw, leaving their hopes of qualifying in the balance. They failed to get a real hold on the game as passes went off target and Algeria began to take control of the possession. David James and the defence were kept busy by crosses coming into the box as Algeria looked to capitalise on a nervy looking England side. Their only real chance of the half came to Frank Lampard, whose shot from inside the box was easily saved by keeper Rais M’Bholi. Capello was forced to make a change midway into the second half, however, the introduction of Shaun Wright-Phillips did nothing for either Emile Heskey or Wayne Rooney, who were looking increasingly frustrated by the lack of effort from midfield. Peter Crouch and Jermain Defoe were both brought on in an effort to grab the headlines and save the team from embarrassment, but to avail. As the final whistle sounded, England exited to boo’s and jeers from travelling fans, with their future pending on a win against Slovenia.

Starting line-up


62: Shaun Wright-Phillips on for Aaron Lennon
73: Jermain Defoe on for Emile Heskey
79: Peter Crouch on for Gareth Barry

1 David James
Position: Goalkeeper
Minutes played (game/tournament total): 90/90
Rating (game/tournament average): 6/10
The one surprise start made by Fabio Capello, and was just about the only player that didn’t let him down. Did everything but pick up the ball in the first half, resorting to punches and even keepy-ups to make it seem like he wasn’t nervous. Came out to claim a few crosses, and was greeted with applause when he did so. Was very vocal – which comes with the amount of experience he’s had. No mistakes made, but didn’t have to make a decent save all match.

2 Glen Johnson
Position: Right-back
Minutes played (game/tournament total): 90/180
Rating (game/tournament average): 6/10
One of the players to really let the side down, and was on the receiving end of a few tirades from Gerrard. Looked very negative in some of his decision making – the runs up the field were replaced by passes back to the defence, and just looked reluctant to create chances. What made matters worse was the poor effort at the back. Karim Ziani, who failed to create problems against Slovenia, troubled Johnson when he made it out wide, and Nadir Belhadj also enjoyed space down their left flank. How a player can change so much in a week is anyone’s guess.

18 Jamie Carragher
Position: Centre-back
Minutes played (game/tournament total): 90/135
Rating (game/tournament average): 7/10
Wasn’t too bad in an area that wasn’t a problem for England. Blasted every cross away, and bossed around any attacker willing to go shoulder to shoulder with him. Ability to cover for Ashley Cole helped also, as England looked to charge up early on. With an aggressive performance usually comes a card, and unfortunately the one in the second-half will rule him out of the crunch match against Slovenia. Michael Dawson coming in will probably please a few fans, but the Liverpool defender’s games in a white shirt have proved many of the critics wrong over the past couple of weeks. Will be missed for the sake of keeping everything solid at the back.

6 John Terry
Position: Centre-back
Minutes played (game/tournament total): 90/180
Rating (game/tournament average): 6/10
Had a game playing in the shadow of Carragher, and he went quiet as a result. Obviously won’t be taking much of the flak for the result, despite his wild back pass almost making matters so much worse. Less vocal due to James doing most of the work, but could have done with shouting at Johnson to run up rather than passing back on a few occasions.

3 Ashley Cole
Position: Left-back
Minutes played (game/tournament total): 90/180
Rating (game/tournament average): 6.5/10
Could even have been said to have a decent game, and looked like he was putting his all into it. However, very few left-backs can change a game, as much as he wanted to. Must have been instructed to put in early balls to the feet, as runs to the corner flag went amiss. Whether they would have done anything with his crosses is another thing, but another defender that won’t be taking the blame in the morning.

7 Aaron Lennon
Position: Right-midfield
Minutes played (game/tournament total): 90/152
Rating (game/tournament average): 6/10
Let’s start dishing out the punishment. Looked even more negative than Johnson, and when a gap emerged, he avoided it at all costs. England really needed a player to take the game by the scruff of the neck, and trouble Belhadj who was pushing forward. No-one could comment on his final ball as he didn’t have a chance to use it. Only saved fractionally by an equally poor effort from his replacement Shaun Wright-Phillips, but both can take the stick as Joe Cole grins in the wings

14 Gareth Barry
Position: Centre-midfield
Minutes played (game/tournament total): 83/83
Rating (game/tournament average): 7.5/10
Arguably England’s best player in the first-half, which said everything as he spent it covering for defenders that were out of place. Made short balls to the strikers in an effort to take a hold on possession, but couldn’t be blamed for his teammates losing it seconds later. Was taken off for Crouch in an effort to grab a late goal, and can hold his head (fairly) high that he did all he could.

8 Frank Lampard
Position: Centre-midfield
Minutes played (game/tournament total): 90/180
Rating (game/tournament average): 5.5/10
If he was anonymous in the first game, he was noticeably bad in this one. Passing was terrible in the final third, and could have done better with his chance on 32 minutes. Looked flat-footed and generally uninspired by the runs made by his colleagues. Delivery from set-pieces was also poor at best, as players in the box were left annoyed. If Capello wants to make a gutsy change to really stamp a bit of authority, an introduction for James Milner would not go amiss.

4 Steven Gerrard
Position: Left-midfield
Minutes played (game/tournament total): 90/180
Rating (game/tournament average): 6.5/10
Mixed opinions as he looked like he wanted to better, but the bottom line was that he didn’t. Was particularly critical of his team’s performance after the game as well as his own, and can only blame himself. Failed to capitalise on the left so drifted inside, but passing game wasn’t up to sc


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