Top 10 Worst World Cup Kits

10.South Africa – 1998 World Cup (away)

The South African’s host this summer World Cup, but in 1998 the African side were visiting France and wore a white shirt, with green sleeves and black and gold strips. The unpleasant looking away kit was only used once thankfully as the African’s exited in the first round, hopefully the host nation will not return to old kits for inspiration this summer.

9.Germany – 1990 World Cup (away)

The German’s home kit was included in A Different League’s greatest World Cup kit selection but the green away kit ranks as one of the worst and is best remembered for being worn during the epic semi-final victory over England in Turin as the Germans penalty shoot-out victory fired them to the final. One of a number of queasy looking German kits over the years. The penalty kings seem to have finally banished the dreadful kits ahead of this summer’s tournament.

8.Slovenia – 2010 World Cup (home)

The first appearance on the list from a 2010 kit. The Slovenian’s will don this green kit in South Africa and will have fans around the world covering their eyes in horror. The Green with a yellow zig-zag design will surely be down as one of the worst of all time and England fans could view it first hand with the European minnows placed in our group alongside Algeria and the USA.

7.Spain – 1994 World Cup (home)

The first of three kits from the 1994 World Cup. The Spanish kit, which was consisted of red with yellow and black ‘feather’s’ was worn as they again under-achieved, this time falling at the quater-finals to Italy. The kit design is almost identical to the white German kit of the same tournament.

6.Denmark – 1986 World Cup (home)

The red and white kit worn by the Danish side in 1986 consisted of red and white stripes and a red half and has thankfully never been repeated since by the Nordic side. Another kit worn only four times as the side reached its first World Cup in Mexico but fell in the last 16 of the competition.

5.Mexico – 1998 World Cup (home)

The Mexican’s donned one of the ugliest and bizarre World Cup jerseys at France ‘98. The traditional green shirt ruined with the Aztec design, original perhaps, but sometimes it may be better to stick to what you know works best. Dumped out by Germany in the last 16 of tournament, the Aztec kit has thankfully never been repeated by the Mexicans but unfortunately for them, their progress in the finals has not improved.

4.Bolivia – 1930 World Cup (home)

Bolivia entered the 1930 finals despite being without an international victory to their name. The kit selection was a thanks to hosts Uruguay but a World Cup victory was denied with 4-0 defeats to Brazil and Yugoslavia as the little South American side exited leaving only the memories of the dreadful kits to remember them with.

3.Mexico Keeper – 1994 World Cup

The second appearance of the Mexican’s and the second appearance from the 1994 World Cup in our selection as this time the horrid goalkeeping jersey comes under scrutiny. The multi-coloured kit of yellow, blue, red, purple, green and white may have been an attempt to blind the attacking opposing players but was just as blinding for any fan forced to watch the Mexican’s in action. Thankfully for fans ‘El Tri’ fell at the last 16 meaning only four games in the ridiculous kit.

2.USA – 1994 World Cup

The American’s introduced ‘soccer’ to the nation as they hosted the 1994 World Cup. Reaching the last 16 of the final’s for the first time since 1930 the American side helped to reignite a passion for the sport for a new generation but the American’s will be as remembered for their disgusting kit as they will for their four matches in the finals. The grey shirt with white stars and red shorts goes down as one of the worst kits inflicted on any world cup.

1.France – 1978 World Cup

The French went for the multi colored approach at the 1978 World Cup, their third strip consisting of green and white striped shirt with blue shorts. Without question the ugliest World Cup kit of all time, the lack of colour co-ordination was blamed on two possible reasons. The first excuse was both the French and Hungarians brought the same colour kits, forcing les blue’s to don the green and white kit of local side Club Atl


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