Spain Camp Focus – Pure, unadulterated joy

There are times in football, or indeed in any sport, or walk of life, when words simply don’t do justice to the action. So as it falls upon this writer to try and cobble together a few sentences that will explain the feelings, the emotions and the elation of Spain’s World Cup winning footballers this morning, nothing that can be written will come close to the image of the tears running down the cheeks of Spanish captain Iker Casillas last night.

They were tears that came out of pure, unadulterated joy. If any old picture can tell a thousand words, then that one could shout a million. A million words for the millions of football fans in Spain who have dreamed of this day, this moment that they would finally be crowned as kings of the football world. Spain are the world champions. They are just five words, but they are five words that many thought they’d never say. This magical breed of footballers, this golden generation have delivered. Two years ago in Vienna it was Europe, but now it is the world.

How have they done it? With a togetherness and an unshakeable belief in the way they play. As we discussed before the final, the Spanish renaissance began with a second round defeat to France at the 2006 World Cup, and this was its natural conclusion. Four years of playing the best football on the planet have delivered their just reward. Andr


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