Blog: Attack over defence, and why Tottenham are the Blackpool of the Champions League

Following Blackpool’s historic win at Anfield at the weekend, Alex Hendrikson argues the case for attack over defence and explains why Tottenham are the Blackpool of the Champion’s League.

If only other Premier League managers could take a leaf out of Blackpool’s book. Their gung-ho, attacking approach really is a breath of fresh air after a World Cup dominated by the fear of losing. Yes, they might lose the odd game heavily as indeed they already have, but hopefully this will be offset by an increased number of wins resulting in their Premier League survival at the expense of a more negatively minded rival. Football is surely above all about entertainment, and supporters of the Seasiders are surely in for a rollercoaster ride this season.

By contrast, Birmingham City lost their first game at home in over a year at the weekend and the supporters responded by booing them off the pitch. Could this have been a response to the negative tactics deployed by manager Alex McLeish? Had he, up until now, gone for a more attacking approach they have may have lost a couple more games at home, but perhaps some of the draws would have become wins, games would have been more entertaining and fans would be a lot happier.

Elsewhere Carlos Tevez is said to have issued a four letter rant at his manager Mancini at halftime during their game with Newcastle at the weekend. Mancini’s tactics have been nothing but negative since he arrived at Manchester City, despite his side’s unrivalled attacking strength.

Playing three holding midfielders at home against Newcastle United is excessive and this negative approach and inability to take the initiative will be their ultimate demise this season.

By contrast Tottenham, who stole fourth place from Manchester City last season, are probably one of the most entertaining sides to watch in Europe at the moment. Their approach to Champion’s League football has been as refreshing as Blackpool’s to the Premier League, and their next game against Inter could be a real case of attack versus defence and one that this writer can’t wait for.

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