Blog: Red Devils’ young guns prove Rooney wrong

The Carling Cup has long since become a proving ground for the young whippersnappers of the Premier League big boys, as well as some of the not-so-big boys in recent times. Manchester United’s little devils were let loose against Wolves last night and proved egomaniac Wayne Rooney wrong with some impressive displays. Martin Shillito explains.

If Wayne Rooney did not make himself look like enough of a self-centred, money-orientated fool during last week’s saga by initially declaring he would not sign a new contract as a result of the future prospects of the Manchester United squad being dark and nebulous, his young team-mates, despite the result being a bit too close for comfort, accentuated his fatuity yesterday evening.

The Man United of the future took their time to get going, the first-half being far from a spectacle, but came to life in the second half with promising verve and adventure. This added adventure was probably the main contributing factor to conceding two goals, but that did little to distract the viewer from realising that the amount of young talent in Manchester red was exciting.

In spite of the drabness of the first half, B

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