Blog: Roy Hodgson will not be Liverpool manager this time next year

With the Liverpool takeover looking increasingly likely, Alex Hendrikson suggests Hodgson’s position as Liverpool manager is becoming increasingly untenable.

First things first lets get one thing straight. Roy Hodgson is undoubtedly a talented manager who has a proven track record of getting the best out of limited resources. His achievements are considerable and do not need to be listed here. Despite this, at Anfield he is now merely a soldier of fortune and destined to become fall victim to regime change at the top, or to impatient supporters.

Takeover or no takeover, Hodgson will not be Liverpool manager come the start of next season. Should New England Sports Ventures take control of the club, they will surely want their own man. In the unlikely event that they will pump millions of pounds into the Reds transfer kitty, it is even more unlikely they will want Hodgson to spend it.

He remains unproven at the highest level and allowing him to spend big bucks would be a risk that such a profit making venture would be unwilling to take. The ex-Fulham manager would face the same predicament encountered by Mark Hughes when at Manchester City.

On the other hand, if the takeover does not result in a complete refinancing of the club and millions to spend on players, as John Baines has convincingly argued in his blog, then Hodgson would be left in exactly the same predicament as he is now, incurring the increasing wrath of the Anfield faithful. The veteran manager would still only have limited resources with which to do this demanding job.

As John Baines has also pointed out, Kenny Dalglish would be a flawed and sentimental choice as Liverpool manager, but sentimentality goes a long long way at this most self important of clubs, and although Dalglish would not bring success back to Merseyside, Liverpool supporters’ enduring sense of entitlement might, to some extent, be appeased by having a relic from the boot room at the helm.

There are few that would begrudge Roy Hodgson success after such a distinguished career in the game, and this writer hopes to be proved wrong. For better or worse, by this time next season, Liverpool FC will have a new man in the managerial hot seat.

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