Blog: Too early to call for Hodgson to leave

An extended period of two weeks loitering in the relegation zone cannot have helped the fraught nerves of Liverpool fans at a turbulent time in the club’s history. In fact, the only certainty Liverpool have at the time of writing is their position in the league – the international break meaning they have to wait another week to put things right on the pitch.

Already pressure is being heaped on Roy Hodgson. Questions are being asked as to his suitability to manage a club of Liverpool’s stature. His tactics have raised eyebrows amongst the playing staff – Daniel Agger has already spoken out against the way he is expected to play longer passes out of defence – and his training methods have been scrutinised. Are such laborious methods which are designed to restrict creative freedom so important to Joe Cole and Steven Gerrard apt for a squad which contains as many egos as Liverpool?

In spite of the reassurances made by the Board in light of the proposed takeover, many Liverpool fans have made up their minds. After seven league games, an inconsistent start to the Europa League and a Carling Cup exit to Northampton, they want him out. But surely this is too soon, too rash a judgement against a manager whose achievements have never been immediate. Indeed when taking over Fulham he picked up just nine points from his opening thirteen games before slowly, methodically, building a team in his image which confounded all expectations in reaching the Europa League final.

His record over a 35-year managerial career demonstrates his ability to get the best out of limited resources. No matter what Liverpool fans might wish to think, theirs is a limited squad. Changes need to be made and a result of that is deterioration in performance.

Those calling for Hodgson to be sacked and for an instant quick fix are deluding themselves. They are simply using the manager as a figure to vent their frustrations on – frustrations which may extend beyond the manager’s influence. A word of advice is to look to the example set by the detested Sir Alex Ferguson. Liverpool fans opposed to Hodgson may wish to take note of the time afforded Ferguson in regenerating Manchester United. A quick fix sacking might satiate dissatisfied fans’ bloodlust, but it may not be in the best future interests of Liverpool.

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