Club Focus – Manchester United – Nothing put to bed as Rooney row rumbles on

The future of Wayne Rooney is no clearer this evening, despite a number of high ranking meetings taking place today between the clubs top brass and the player’s advisers.

Speaking to the media after last night’s Champions League win over Bursaspor, Sir Alex Ferguson claimed he sought the meeting with Chief Executive David Gill to ‘put the matter to bed”after Rooney had earlier that evening released a statement questioning the clubs ambition. Given the timing and wording of Rooney’s remarks, it was expected that the meeting would signal the end of the striker’s United career, with Ferguson and Gill outlining plans on what terms they wished to conclude his departure. However, yet another statement has been released from the club, with very little appearing to be ‘put to bed.’ The statement read:

‘We are aware that there is intense public and media interest on the club at the moment, but there are no developments of note to report today. I can confirm a number of meetings have taken place today, including with the player’s representative. The outcome of those meetings will become clear in the near future. In the meantime, fans are asked to be patient.’

This non-committal release only further shrouds the saga in mystery, as to all intents and purposes it appeared Ferguson and Gill would simply put the finishing touches to Rooney’s six year stay with the Reds. Given that Ferguson has a side to prepare for Sunday’s trip to Stoke, the issue is now likely to rumble on into next week, giving scope for stories and speculation to wildly blossom. Already there have been suggestions that the involvement of Rooney’s agent Paul Stretford and the fact a ‘number’ of meetings took place, with ‘no developments of note’ to be reported, has led to murmurings that a reconcile could be orchestrated.

That would represent a seismic shift on Rooney’s behalf, and one that seemed inconceivable 24 hours ago. Indeed, it appeared Ferguson himself was at the end of his tether with his star-man and was prepared to let him go. Having already accused Rooney of showing a lack of respect towards the club, he appeared let down and frustrated by the actions of his prot

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