Liverpool news – Signings in Summer, Hodgson wants patience, Youth development way forward

Signings in Summer.

Liverpool co-owner John W. Henry has warned impatient Liverpool supporters that tangible improvements to the first-team squad will not be made until the summer, arguing that January may well come soon for rational, sensible improvements to the squad to be made.

“We have work to do and must invest in this club to improve it on the field. Can that be successfully done in January? A number of people I’ve talked with doubt it,” he told The Guardian. “Most people seem to think it will be the summer before we can really begin to improve.” Recently appointed director of football strategy Damien Comolli echoed Liverpool’s co-owners’ concerns.

“As I’ve just joined, we’ve got only a few weeks to prepare for the window but we are also looking at the summer transfer window,” he confirmed. The onus, then, is on Liverpool’s players to consistently reproduce the football that saw them defeat Chelsea a week last Sunday.

Hodgson wants patience.

With the travelling fans’ cries of ‘Dalglish’ still ringing in his ears, Roy Hodgson has urged Liverpool fans to be patient and to judge his team at the end of the season. The Stoke defeat, he argued, is insignificant in the grand context of a full Premier League season and does not dent his squad’s confidence any more than defeating Chelsea renewed it.

“I don’t see why it [the defeat] should give us enormous reason to doubt what we are doing or doubt what we are capable of doing,” Hodgson told Liverpool’s official website. “I’m a 38-to-55-game-a-season man and I make my judgment over that period.”

Youth development way forward.

Retaining the identity of Liverpool Football Club whilst ensuring a productive conveyor belt of talent is produced ready for first-team action must be a priority for Liverpool under New England Sports Ventures ownership, new director of football strategies Damien Comolli told the Daily Telegraph.

“We really want to concentrate on getting young English or British kids. I think that’s very important if we want to keep an identity to get those kids into the football club,” he said. Scouting English talent, he said, would help Liverpool’s become “one of the leading academies in Europe.”

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