Club Focus – Real Madrid – Whites season not over, but severely dented after El Clasico hiding

Los Blancos were humiliated, outclassed and engrossed in the bitter taste of defeat for the first time this season as Real Madrid had no response to their great Catalan rival’s devout, seamless and irreversible display of wondrous football at the Nou Camp on Monday night.

A 5-0 whitewash to Barcelona was pure just rewards for the sheer quality displayed by Pep Guardiola’s men during their fifth successive El Clasico win, in the process sending Los Blancos Coach Jose Mourinho to the worst loss in his distinguished managerial career. Anticipation pre-match for the clash of Spain’s top two seemed sharper than ever, undoubtedly the Mourinho affect adding countless layers of interest to the duel. Indeed, a slight one point lead at the top of the La Liga summit added to with the sheer ease in which Madrid has disposed of lacklustre foes who had stepped in their path this term pointed to an away victory in one of European footballs most prestigious episodes.

Maybe, the glamour surrounding Los Blancos stuck under the skin of Guardiola’s untouchable Barcelona. Since his tenure at the club he has delivered two domestic league titles, one Copa del Rey and a Champions League crown among other smaller tangible endeavours, giving him scope to feel aggrieved at the attention Madrid’s quick fire start to La Liga. This fuelled the Catalan’s determination to show prove their worth suggesting their is quick fix to glory for the Santiago Bernabeu side.

Straight from the first whistle, which could be solemnly heard above the rapturous 90’000 seated plus home crowd (the majority of whom were adding volatile rivalry to the cauldron whilst hoisting with pride Catalan flags) were telepathically on the same wave length with Guardiola’s starting XI. Their goal, to prove their unblemished worth and take apart their great rivals, feeding football followers worldwide with another reminder of Barcelona’s dominance – disregarding Madrid’s brief stay of early season stay of execution.

Defeat for Los Blancos, far from ends their season but the diagnosis Mourinho ensued in his post match press conference swept the loss under the carpet. However, the post mortem reveals otherwise. A defensive line-up, sworn to stifle Barcelona resistance, failed. Reckless, a fatally high defensive line, dreadful tracking and a nonexistent Cristiano Ronaldo all contributed to the result.

This begs the question, did a poor Real Madrid performance contribute to the footballing mauling? In truth, yes, but Barcelona raised their hands to be entered into Nou Camp legacy playing divine football, something Madrid on the night would not have been able to throttle. The gulf in class exasperated and Madrid can only dust themselves down for the rest of the La Liga season. All is not lost, though Los Blancos need to stitch the repairs of a wounded sole quickly to stem their Catalan nemesis from becoming a single minded La Liga front runner.

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