Liverpool news – Diouf Carragher rant, No Benitez return, Blackpool game in doubt

No Benitez return.

Rafa Benitez’s six month tenure at Inter seems to be all but at an end. Even though his sacking has yet to be officially confirmed, already the whispers are starting that he may be set for a sensational return to Liverpool to replace struggling manager Roy Hodgson.

Justifiably, Hodgson is perplexed by the rumours and has spoken out about how Benitez’s position at Inter affects his own in the Anfield hotseat. “You would have to ask the owners about that but it’s not extra pressure for me,” he told The Guardian. “It would have been wiser not to let him go and then bring him back six months later.”

Diouf Carragher rant.

Not content with being one of the most despised footballers in the Premier League, El Hadji Diouf has decided that the time is right to tell of his hatred of Jamie Carragher – a resentment which goes back to his Liverpool days. In a bizarre rant, he accused Carragher of having “done nothing with his life.” Champions League winner Carragher will surely respond to that particular comment with a wry smirk.

Diouf accused his former teammate – renowned as an influential figure in the Liverpool dressing room – of having never spoken to him. The Senegalese midfielder claimed that this owed to Carragher’s jealousy of him. “When I came to Liverpool I earned more than him and was a bigger name than him,” he was quoted as saying in the Daily Telegraph.

Blackpool game in doubt.

Liverpool’s previous game against Fulham having been postponed, Roy Hodgson hopes that their forthcoming Boxing Day trip to Blackpool does not fall victim to the adverse weather conditions which have swept across England this Christmas.

Hodgson fears a fixture back-log could soon be facing his Liverpool team, further jeopardising their attempts to find consistency at home and on the road.

Liverpool are still fighting on three fronts, something Hodgson is wary of given that the fixture is in serious doubt. “For teams like ourselves who have still got an interest in the Europa League that (a postponement) could be very irritating,” he told the Daily Mirror. The better news is that as each blank weekend passes, Steven Gerrard and Daniel Agger are a free week closer to a return.

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