Liverpool news – Hodgson apologises, Fans’ anger alarms owners, Hodgson blames players

Hodgson apologises.

Speaking to The Guardian, Roy Hodgson clarified his comments following the Wolves defeat, having said that he had yet to see the ‘famous Anfield support’. Perhaps realising that the divide between him and the fans – many of whom already yearn for a change of manager – would be insurmountable should he refuse to apologise, he said he did not mean to be critical of the fans.

“Things have been misinterpreted,” he said. “I’m afraid people have taken one small comment where i was describing my situation. I was responding to a question about how it felt to be jeered by the fans.” He was not trying to censure the fans for airing their disapproval of Hodgson’s team: “Fans always have the right to air their anger and disapproval – we’ve got fantastic fans but you’ve got to give them something to be passionate about.”

Fans’ anger alarms owners.

Cynics may suggest that Roy Hodgson’s apology for his comments about Liverpool fans is a desperate attempt to placate supporters who have already decided his fate. Certainly New England Sports Ventures are known to have become increasingly concerned with the anger of Liverpool fans towards the former Fulham manager. Whilst they are reluctant to sack their manager midseason, fan pressure is showing considerable signs of affecting their decision.

The Guardian cited a poll in which 95 percent of 4,300 Liverpool fans surveyed on Liverpool website The Empire of the Kop wished to see Roy Hodgson sacked as evidence of the overwhelming ill feeling. Hodgson clings on, however, and has spoke of the support which remains from within the club. “I am lucky in that the support that I have had has been from the players and from within the club,” he said.

Hodgson blames players.

Lest we forget, Roy Hodgson was named PFA Manager of the Year in May. During the summer, any chants of ‘Hodgson for England’ would have been taken seriously. Fast forward six months and the chants ringing out from the Kop are laced with irony. Liverpool fans are vehemently against Hodgson. Indeed the support of the players is one of the few things helping Hodgson tenuously cling to power.

“I fear whatever the team I chose it would have been the same,” Hodgson told the Daily Telegraph following the Wolves defeat; hardly a ringing endorsement for the strength in depth Liverpool possess. “I don’t think there are many players happy with how they have played.”

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