Club Focus – Tottenham Hotspur – David Beckham bound for London as Spurs win in FA Cup

It is a topic which has dominated both the sports and news sections of newspapers and web reports in recent weeks, yet it seems we are no closer to a final decision on what David Beckham will be doing during the Major League Soccer close season. Some reports suggest the deal is off and Beckham will only be training with Harry Redknapp’s side, but others reveal that Beckham will be indeed looking to move to Tottenham Hotspur as soon as underlying issues are resolved.

Some have questioned the wisdom of signing the 35-year-old midfielder at such a crucial time in the season, and especially with midfielders Gareth Bale, Rafael van der Vaart, Aaron Lennon and Luka Modric in such good form so far this domestic year, some will be curious as to whether the addition of the former Manchester United winger will be necessary at such an important period. However, it could be argued that Beckham’s experience both in the Premier League and internationally can only enhance Tottenham’s chances of success this season and will add a wealth of experience to a relatively young squad under Harry Redknapp’s leadership.

The form of 21-year-old Gareth Bale and Aaron Lennon, 23, has provided Spurs’ attack with many opportunities at goal this season with their speed and trickery, some of the finest attributes for both athletes. However, if Beckham was to join and play, what each player could learn from the former Manchester United would possibly work wonders for their future development as performers and in turn benefit Tottenham Hotspur’s midfield. While pace and trickery may be fruitful in the Premier League, the art of delivery and distribution is a skill that works wonders in attacking play. Beckham is a genius at crossing and passing, evident in his time at Manchester United, so the young generation and players of today will look to somebody of Beckham maturity to learn and perfect the current game they are playing.

Anybody who plays a role similar to Beckham’s will be keen to learn, and whether he officially joins the club on loan or just trains with the club for the coming weeks, as Harry Redknapp suggested in reports, then it will be beneficial to Tottenham Hotspur.

Spurs came away this weekend with another good result in the FA Cup. Up against League One Charlton Athletic, Redknapp’s side were expecting a tough game and it was in the first half with the score goalless at the break. However, the introduction on Croatian Modric swung the tie in the Premier League side’s favour with Andros Townsend opening the scoring on his debut and a double from Jermaine Defoe in three second half minutes effectively sealing the tie with still half an hour to play.

Redknapp will be pleased the rumours and attention surrounding the possible move of David Beckham to his hometown club did not affect his players’ performances, however, the Spurs boss will want the issue to be resolved soon so he can decide whether Beckham will be playing an active role in a Tottenham jersey before the Champions’ League knockout stages come around.

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