Liverpool captain Gerrard starts charity foundation

Liverpool club captain Steven Gerrard has launched a charity foundation to raise money for various children’s charities, according to a report in Marketing Week.

The Steven Gerrard foundation will use his fame, popularity and public profile to run a number of money-raising events. The funds from these events will then be distributed to various children’s charities around the UK, although will concentrate slightly more on his hometown, Liverpool.

The foundation aims to “provide relief to children and young people in need, whether through illness, family breakdown, disability, involvement in the streets, financial or educational disadvantage”.

Speaking to the Daily Mail in a recent interview, Gerrard said “If an event like that happens, a large sum of money will be raised and I would want to do something useful with it.

“I think if you’re a footballer and you’ve enjoyed the kind of success that I have, the least you can do is give that back to people who need it. I would give back every penny I earn in that situation.”

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