Club Focus – Chelsea – Why Torres is still Chelsea’s best signing

Forget Fernando Torres’ £50 m price tag or the fact he has failed to score since his arrival at the Bridge – truth remains that the highly rated Spaniard still provides Chelsea with a lot of positives to focus on.

It was clear – ever since his transfer fee was revealed – that Torres would be closely monitored by everyone in the football world. Every goalless minute he spends on the pitch draws criticism for not contributing to the team. However, if you look closely you will find that Torres is just as good a buy as David Luiz.

When Roman Abramovic splashed out such a hefty sum on deadline day everyone expected a miracle signing who would score in almost every match. This rather unrealistic expectation resulted in fingers being pointed at the Spanish International, despite him having a relatively good start at Chelsea.

Why Torres fit the requirement at Stamford Bridge was quite obvious – his proven ability in the Premier League. The Blues could have opted for a number of strikers, but rather than wait for them to adapt to the rigorous nature of the domestic competition, it was easier to choose Torres. The Spaniard knows all about the nature and competitiveness of the league, but more importantly knows what to expect from oppositions and how to get at them.

Chelsea’s No 9 also has lightning speed as part of his array of talents. The champions are known for their passing and ability to break down defences by finding that perfect ball and Torres brings them something different with his pace. The result is that Chelsea’s midfield can take comfort in knowing their new striker can create a chance for goal just as much as they can. This is the reason why, even though Torres has not scored a goal yet, Carlo Ancelotti keeps playing him in the side. The Spaniard’s movement is fantastic and he opens up play allowing the midfield players to get into better positions and dominate the game.

Despite all that has happened so far, the one reason why so many Chelsea fans continue to support Torres is simply because of his attitude at the club. Ever since his arrival at SW6, he has been substituted in almost every game he has started in. And for a player who is used to being on the pitch all the time, he has shown great character each time he has been withdrawn from the game. At times Chelsea’s No 9, despite playing well, has seen his number held up on the board and yet applauded the crowd and walked off the pitch without showing any disapproval, something players of his calibre seldom exhibit even when they are off form. The examples all just reflect on the fact that Torres is committed to Chelsea and one thing for sure is that you cannot expect him to remain goalless for too long.

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