Liverpool news – Dalglish vs Ferguson, No mind games, No record thoughts

Dalglish vs Ferguson.

Ahead of Liverpool’s hotly anticipated match with Manchester United on Sunday, Kenny Dalglish was in a playful mood as he talked about the history of his relationship with his opposite number Sir Alex Ferguson.

The two first met in a 1969 Old Firm reserves match, Dalglish the young Celtic right-half assigned to mark the ferocious Rangers forward, ten years his senior.

“He’d better come out of here,” Dalglish laughed, gesturing to his pocket. “I have to say he never gave me a problem. I read somewhere that said he’d scored, but I thought we’d won 2-0. We definitely beat them though,” he told the Daily Telegraph. Sir Alex for his part was initially unimpressed by his opposite number. “That wee fat boy won’t make a player,” he’d thought, for one of the few times in his career, wrongly.

No mind games.

Kenny Dalglish has insisted that he will not fall into the trap of many managers before him and engage in mind games with Sir Alex Ferguson ahead of Liverpool’s match with Manchester United.

With the Red Devils’ manager having endured a difficult week, Dalglish says he will refuse to retort to any provocative statement Ferguson makes to the Press.

“He has used psychology before in the preamble to matches, but he will only get sparring practice if he tries to use it on ourselves,” Dalglish told “We’ve both been a long time out of short trousers. It will have to be a good one to catch us out,” he smiled.

No record thoughts.

Stopping Manchester United from winning their 19th English league championship and going ahead of Liverpool in the stakes for being England’s most successful league club is not a motivation spurring Liverpool on as Sunday approaches. The Merseysiders have their own motivations for the Sunday lunchtime kickoff. What happens in the future will have little to do with one single match.

“As we always say, you can control an awful lot of your own destiny and not a lot of someone else’s,” Dalglish told “If we can concentrate on ourselves and prepare as well as we can, then whatever eventualities come from that, fine.”

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