Manchester United Daily – Henderson not looking for move as media boycott continues

With the summer transfer window looming, press speculation is already rife regarding Manchester United making a move for Sunderland midfielder Jordan Henderson. The 20-year-old has been a first team regular for the Black Cats for the last two seasons and made his England debut against France in November 2010.

However, in an interview this week he stated that it would be very difficult to leave his home town club. He said: I’m young and I’m playing for Sunderland. It’s something I love doing. I just want to keep doing that, keep improving and keep getting better as a player.” Sunderland manager Steve Bruce has been very forthright about holding onto his young midfielder and fully intends to hold firm should United make a bid for him in the summer; in previous interviews he has referred to Henderson as “the best young British footballer there is.”

His stature has certainly grown this year following FIFA’s announcement that he is one of the top 13 young players to watch in the world. However, the young Black Cat appears to be very level headed and is focusing on his team rather than possible moves. He stated: “I do feel I have improved this season. I’m a better player than I was 12 months ago. It has been another great season for me. I have had some ups and downs along the way, but it is all part of my development. I have coped ok with the second season thing. I’m improving every day, which is what I’m aiming to do. I’m enjoying myself at Sunderland; I’m not looking to leave. I’m playing in the Premier League and that’s all I have ever dreamed of doing.”

Meanwhile, Manchester United’s media boycott has continued to rumble on. There had been fears that the matter could escalate but it appeared yesterday that nothing will happen. A Premier League spokesman stated: “We have to receive official complaints from rights holders before we’d act and we have not received anything yet.” If reports are to be believed, Sky will not make a complaint and it is only the BBC that may contact the Premier League but it is though that they will not actually complain.

There were developments yesterday with Nani’s injury picked up against Liverpool. Reports suggest that he will miss the next three games; however, this is hard to quantify as United are not currently speaking to the media. On his Twitter account on Monday he posted“Thank you for the support after my injury. I hope to be back really soon.” It would be a huge loss if he missed the Arsenal game on Saturday but with Antonio Valencia nearing full fitness it might not be as bad as first feared.

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