Arsenal news – Wilshere could miss Euro qualifier, Takeover won’t effect philosophy, Wenger: No fixture list benefits

Wenger: No fixture list benefits.

Arsene Wenger has rejected claims that Manchester United’s congested fixture schedule towards the end of the season will benefit his team, according to

Sir Alex Ferguson’s men are in contention for three trophies this season and face Schalke 04 twice in the Champions League and Arsenal at the Emirates in a short space of time and the league leaders’ busy schedule could be detrimental to their hopes of a treble.

Arsenal boss Wenger does not believe the amount of games United have to play will affect their league campaign: “The schedule is not too bad for them because they play Schalke on Tuesday night and they are super-favourites to win that semi-final. I am not even sure they will be completely out of resources against Schalke. I don’t know. But until then the most important thing for us is to get as close as possible.

“Their schedule can be a handicap, but will it be? I don’t know. When you have momentum it can be helpful as long as everything goes for you – they had that in 1999, where the championship was very close between us and them.

“What has changed between 1999 and today is that every game is much more difficult in the Premier League, especially for Manchester United away from home like anybody else.

“The games are not like before – it is much more difficult for everyone away from home now.

“The only thing I do know is it will be only helpful to us to win our games, so we just have to focus to try and win our games. For the rest of the teams, we cannot look too much.”

Wilshere could miss Euro qualifier.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has warned the FA that Jack Wilshere could miss England’s crucial European Championship qualifiers if he plays for the Under 21 side.

Stuart Pearce wants the Gunners midfielder to play in the Under 21 European Championships in Denmark in June but Wenger believes the youngster will not be able to play for the senior national side when they face the Netherlands in a friendly on August 10 and the qualifiers against Bulgaria and Wales on September 2 and 6 if he plays for the Under 21s.

Wenger told The Daily Mail: “I can understand the boy wants to go but they have to consider he will not be fit enough to play, certainly for the friendly, and he should be short for the qualifiers in September. If the Under 21s go to the final on June 25, there is a bit of a grey area, but the rules from FIFA are that you have to give four weeks’ holiday to a player. It is compulsory.

“England must make a choice. I have to respect the holiday period for the players and that’s a calculation that England have to make.

“We’ll be without Wilshere, maybe, at the start of the season. It’s important the players get a rest because the championship is very intense. But FIFA rules are on England’s side. If they want to use Jack I can’t do anything about it.”

Takeover won’t effect philosophy.

Arsene Wenger has assured fans that the potential takeover of Arsenal will have no effect on the Gunners’ philosophy.

Stan Kroenke is looking to take over the club after increasing his shares to over 62% but Wenger insists that any changes in ownership will not affect the Gunners playing style and has urged his players to focus on the on-field affairs instead of what goes on in the boardroom.

The Arsenal boss told reporters: “Well on the football side of things, we will continue to focus on the football, the way we want to play, to keep all of our players. We have a squad which is about 23 years of age, we are in a strong position in the league, we have a certain philosophy of football and we continue to focus to develop that and to play even better.”

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