Book Review: Sports Betting To Win by Steve Ward

Sports Betting To Win, by Steve Ward is not a get-rich-quick guide on sports betting, nor does it provide you with a “sure-fire way to make money through sports betting” as many other guides and websites out there will do. It is not even a strategy guide to tell you how best to try and win money on sports betting. Instead, this book tries to build a winning mentality, but more than that, a disciplined mentality.

To become a successful, professional football bettor requires many varied skills, which are lacked by the majority on their first attempt. Arguably the most important of these is the ability to be self-disciplined, to approach it as a job, rather than chasing the buzz of winning. It is about winning small on a regular basis. To gain this kind of discipline however is difficult, and requires a kind of training, which this book helps to provide.

People who set out to make a regular income from sports betting will often make a number of incorrect and costly decisions, being influenced by emotion. For example, people may make impulse bets, where you may bet too much money on something you may feel to be a good bet at the time, but has not been fully researched.

Sports Betting To Win helps you to avoid such common mistakes, approaching betting as a business, and outlining what procedures should be covered in order to achieve success, and instilling that all important element of discipline that all successful sports bettors require.

To help do this Steve Ward also creates a number of exercises at the end of every chapter in order to make the reader get down on paper what the chapter has been teaching, with the aim being to drum the mindset into the reader. Rather than just being a round-up of the chapter, these exercises help the reader to analyse their own thinking and approach, allowing better understanding, and the opportunity to spot potential weaknesses when betting.

Sports Betting To Win is a must-have for anyone looking to go beyond betting for fun, and wanting to capitalise on their good knowledge of particular sports, to bet in a professional capacity.

You can buy Sports Betting to Win: The 10 keys to disciplined and profitable betting by Steve Ward here

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