Champions League final – What would you give up to watch it?

New research from Champions League sponsors Heineken has revealed that men would forego almost anything in order to see Saturday’s final between Manchester United and Barcelona.

5638 men across 15 countries were questioned over how important they measured viewing the Champions League final, and the findings suggest there may be more heated discussions on the matter at the weekend.

58% said they would skip a date with their wife or girlfriend, and perhaps less surprisingly, 55% would avoid meeting their new potential in-laws in favour of watching events at Wembley. Even supermodels would have an evening where they struggle to turn heads, with 52% willing to pass-up the opportunity of a date with a top model.

In addition to these figures, a rather worrying figure of 22% of men in Spain and Brazil would be willing to miss their own wedding to catch their favourite team being made Champions of Europe.

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The 2011 UEFA Champions League final between Manchester United and Barcelona is set to be the most watched club football tie in the world, with figures expected to beat the 145.1m global viewers that saw the 2010 tie between Inter and Bayern Munich – let us know what you would give up to watch it! Answers in the comments section below please.

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