Club Focus – Liverpool – Reds target next generation of fans amid rising ticket prices

Anfield could be packed with young faces next season after Liverpool took the decision to reduce ticket prices for children by a huge £8 for the 2011/2012 season. Eager Under-16s will now pay just £15 to watch their heroes, regardless of whether Liverpool are playing arch-rivals Manchester United or promoted West Brom. The Reds insist that they are taking the commendable step to encourage the next generation of supporters, and lower prices are bound to lure young fans.

The inventive idea of cut-price tickets for children could benefit the club in the future. Making football more affordable for youngsters will see them become fervent fans in their early years and Liverpool could then ‘cash in’ in years to come as these loyal supporters continue to follow their team. This new ticketing scheme could also encourage more families to spend a day out at the famous Anfield stadium.

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However, while the kids will be delighted with the new pricing structure, adults look set to take a hit in the pocket. Along with many other Premier League clubs, Liverpool have raised their entry fees across the board for the next campaign, with season ticket holders facing an average increase of around 6.5%. This will consist of a 4% inflationary increase, in addition to a standard 2.5% increase in VAT. The lowest price for a Kop season ticket now stands at £725, while it will cost £802 to watch the Reds in action all season in the Centenary and main stands.

Matchday tickets for Category A and Category C games have risen by £1 for the Kop and £2 for the other stands, while Category B games will see an increase of £2 in all areas. This means that the most expensive adult ticket for a single game will now cost £48 and the cheapest will be priced at £39.

Managing Director, Ian Ayre, said: “We have taken a considered view on these prices, taking into account the state of the economy, our ability to compete in a competitive football market and our aspirations for the 2011-12 season.

“We believe that this rise represents the fairest level of increase we could offer, whilst helping to ensure we maintain our significantly reduced debt position and our aspirations to improve our playing squad. We believe this will allow us to be competitive and maintain our ability to challenge our main competitors, many of whom have significantly higher capacities at this time.”

Many of Liverpool’s fierce competitors have also announced significant increases to their prices. Arsenal, who have not won a trophy in six years, have also raised their season ticket prices by 6.5%, while newly-crowned Premier League champions Manchester United have announced an across-the-board £1 per match increase. FA Cup winners Manchester City will raise prices by around 6%, thought the Blues do still offer an impressive £260 value season ticket card for adults. This is the second-cheapest in the league behind Blackburn Rovers.

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