Corluka claims Tottenham a bigger club than Man City

Tottenham full-back Vedran Corluka has claimed that Spurs are still a bigger club than Manchester City, even if City did beat them to a Champions League spot this season.

Corluka, 25, played one full season with Man City in 2008-9, before moving to White Hart Lane, and was an important part of the Tottenham side that qualified for the UEFA Champions League for the first time in their history.

The Croatian felt he had joined a bigger side when he left City, and has not changed his opinion. Talking to the Daily Mail, Corluka said: “I still think that. The fans are a little bit more close to the club here than at City. I have nothing against City and I had a great time there but when I played for City, the stadium wasn’t always full, whereas here, you never see that.”

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“Here, the stadium is full even when we play friendlies, so you can see that there is more passion for the club here than there is there. The most important thing for Spurs now, though, is to keep this team together and to add some players, not to sell two players and then try to rebuild the team because then it’s a hard thing to do.”

Corluka is also confident that Tottenham’s star names will stay at the club and fight for Champions League football next year: “Everyone wants to play in the best competitions but we need to try to achieve that here, not think about leaving the club to go somewhere else… I’m good friends with Luka [Modric] and I don’t see any desire there that he wants to leave the club. When I have spoken with him, he has never said that he wants to leave Spurs. He knows he is an important player here, everyone likes him and I think he wants to achieve good things.”

Tottenham play their final game of the season against Birmingham City on Sunday, looking to keep 5th spot and confirm Europa League football next season.

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