Football Boots review – adidas F50 adiZero

When you’re looking for football boots, you look to those who are successful in the game for inspiration. An “If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me” mentality. By that definition, the interest in the adidas F50 adiZero range must be through the roof, after Barcelona and Argentina star Lionel Messi’s outstanding season.

In many ways, the F50 adiZero’s seem made for Messi, and his style of play, along with other users of the range, like Bayern Munich’s Arjen Robben. The adidas Ultralight approach to the boot means pace and skills can be increased, helped by the increased ease of uplift.

You don’t have to be Messi to benefit from this though, as all improvements are in proportion to the player, but if you are a skilful, quick-footed type, these would be well suited. Linked to the weight of the boots is the material, which is comfortable, soft but robust. The aim of this is to “feel” the ball through the boot, enabling greater accuracy. Again a much bigger benefit for a midfielder or striker than a defender. The extra accuracy added to the slight bit of grip on the main part of the boot’s skin, helps generate extra curl on the ball.

As with Nike’s recent Mercurial Vapor range, extravagant colour schemes are all the rage, and in the cases of Cristiano Ronaldo (Nike), and Lionel Messi (adidas), the more skills you have, the more extravagant the colours!

The white/pink/cyan scheme pictured here, is a bright one that would look good in sunshine, and will no doubt get more outings in La Liga than the Premier League. Other colour schemes throughout the adidas ranges also continue this theme, putting colour into football, with the all black football boot taking a backseat on the playing fields.

We would recommend these boots to fast, skilful players, or those that have to cross or pass often, rather than a no nonsense centre-back. With these the finer points of your attacking play can be improved.

You might not play like Messi in these boots, but you should play better than you would in heavier all purpose boots… and you may well look a little like a superstar footballer in some of the more colourful versions.

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