Granada: Udinese hold key to La Liga survival after 35-year absence

It has taken 35 years for modest Granada to return to La Primera: that was the easy part. Now the real work begins, and if the Andalusians have managed to preserve their top-flight status in 12 months time it will have been one of the most successful seasons in the club´s history. Yet oddly enough, and such are the vagaries of modern football, their fate could lie in the hands of Serie A club Udinese.

The Italians formed a partnership with Granada in July, 2009, literally saving the club from extinction, and promptly sent over a number of youth and reserve team players as part of the agreement. The following season saw second division status achieved thanks to the relationship between acting President Quique Pina and Gino Pozzo, son of Udinese owner Giampaolo, and last year the team managed a second successive promotion under boss Fabriciano Gonz

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