Racing Santander have RFEF transfer ban lifted by court judge

Racing Santander have been given permission to register new players again after a court overruled an original transfer ban imposed on the Cantabrians.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has confirmed the club has retained ownership of player registration, that includes permission to sign new players, a little less than two weeks on from July 7 when they imposed the ban on such actions.

The RFEF regulation – put in place at the behest of former Coach Miguel Angel Portugal – prohibited the club from signing players until they could satisfy their creditors owed money. However, the judge today ruled the court was competent to waive the ruling, as it was put in place a day before the club officially entered administrative procedures, and that given the club entered voluntary administration, that the ban cannot be imposed as a ruling.

The judge also ruled that withholding the club’s players and coaching staff directly impeded its capacity to develop, and that pushing through Portugal’s claim on unpaid wages – of which the first payment will be deferred as agreed – would prejudice others also owed money by the club.

Portugal is one of many creditors owed money by the club, currently under controversial owner Ahsan Ali Syed, and with debts of over €33m. Now under arrest, Ali Syed has been refusing to pay a second instalment on his purchase of the club, or the players’ wages, or invest in the team, over a dispute regarding his shares in the club.

President of Cantabria, Ignacio Diego, has pledged to assist the club – with private funds – and has described their financial situation as more ‘complex’ than large, pointing to the more significant debts currently held at other La Liga clubs.

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