Barcelona expect RFEF action on Mourinho

Barcelona officials are expecting the Spanish football authorities to act appropriately following the apparently aggressive actions of Real Madrid Coach Jose Mourinho towards Barcelona’s assistant Coach Tito Vilanova during the final seconds of Wednesday night’s Supercopa de Espana. Mourinho appeared to gouge the eye of Vilanova during the fracas on the sidelines after Marcelo was dismissed for a dangerous challenge on debutant Cesc Fabregas.

The pictures of the incident have been shown worldwide and have been met with widespread condemnation – even amongst the fans and staff of Real Madrid. The fear is that the incident may be deemed to be inflammatory to the already delicate off-pitch situation that has developed between the supporters of both clubs and that a precedent must be set to make it clear that this type of provocation is unacceptable.

It would come as a shock to the Spanish football world if Mourinho were to remain unpunished as he is seen as being the root cause of much of the bad blood that has occurred in the recent Clasicos. It has been suggested that the Portuguese Coach is directly responsible for the deterioration of relations between the clubs and the paranoid dynamic that has allegedly manifested itself within his players.

He has also been accused of encouraging over-aggressive tactics on the pitch in a deliberate attempt to provoke his rivals and to stifle their play. Many of the Barcelona players have excused their Real Madrid counterparts, suggesting that they are under Mourinho’s influence and are acting out of character.

There are also quiet but discerning voices coming from within the Madrid board, worried that Mourinho could be causing damage to the image of their club. However, Club President Florentino Perez has so far given his full support to his Coach and has yet to criticise his actions.

Barcelona players and staff have stated that they will not make a direct complaint as they feel that the situation speaks for itself and that the pressure from the media in Madrid will be enough to encourage the Comite de Competicion de la Real Federacion Espanola de Futbol (RFEF) to act.

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