Mallorca’s Marti and Laudrup give their view on the AFE strike

As the Spanish Footballers’ Association (AFE) initiated their first strike in over three decades, Mallorca Coach Michael Laudrup came out in support of their stance that sees the opening week of La Liga postponed, whilst player Jose Luis Marti reflected on the Mallorca players’ position.

The former Barcelona and Real Madrid midfielder offered his opinion on the action that leaves him – partly through Mallorca’s decision – unable to work with his players until Monday. The strike covers Friday August 19 to Monday August 22 and accounts for all Primera and Segunda Division games, whilst the decision to attend training was left as a club-by-club decision with several teams in midweek action in other competitions opting to train.

However, Marti confirmed to local Press on Thursday that Mallorca’s player would be choosing not to train Friday, Saturday or Sunday, telling the club’s official website: “There is work going on so that everyone can be sure that their wages will be paid as they should. We would like to respect the calendar, but if this is the price we must pay and we have to cancel our holidays so that this can be fixed, and so that all players can be paid…

“We know better than anyone what that feels like after the situation we went through in 2010, because until 2013 we won’t get the wages of that year paid, and it will be thanks to the agreement that is being fought for now.”

Whilst the failure for the AFE to reach an agreement with the Spanish League (LFP) has seen the start of the League postponed, and pre-season preparations somewhat disrupted, Laudrup is the first Coach to come out in support of their action:

“It is clear that the strike hasn’t come from nothing. The Spanish League has to deal with such problems if it wants to remain the best in the world. Every year we have seen problems.

As a former player and current worker in this League, I am very concerned about the situation. Each party has its reasons, but there are still almost 200 players who are owed money. What good is having a contract if you do not get paid? We have to solve the problems of Spanish football.”

Laudrup also told CNN: It’s okay what the players are doing now. They’ve arrived at the point where they’re saying enough is enough.”

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