Sevilla introduce enterprise to name and number shirt printing

Sevilla have discovered a novel enterprise for generating further income in the season Financial Fair Play comes into force.

Where clubs will be restricted through the next few seasons to gradually adjust spending to fall in line with their revenue stream generation, the already financially astute management at Sevilla have come up with a scheme where fans can have a photo of themselves make up a part of a squad number on the back of a player’s shirt.


Charging €24.90, the club is giving fans the opportunity to put a 2x2mm photo into a player’s squad number, as the above picture demonstrates. Sevilla’s marketing director Raul de Rio explained: “We want to give fans access to areas traditionally off-limits. We want to move from commercial values to emotional. According to market research, people are more than willing to pay to be on the back of their favourite player.”

Whilst the only team confirmed to be running the scheme so far, Sevilla could soon be joined by newly-promoted Granada. Indeed, their marketing director Alvaro Perez confirmed: “Although it is an unknown area, given the present econimic situation, all new ways to generate revenue are welcome.”

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