Barcelona and Real Madrid could kick off at noon

Jaume Roures, boss of Mediapro, the company which owns the rights for live transmission of Spanish football, has not discounted the possibility that Barcelona and Real Madrid could kick off at midday.

Roures was speaking to COM Radio and referred to the controversy surrounding the new scheduled kick-off times introduced for the 2011/12 season alongside the ongoing conflict with the radio stations, who refuse to pay a fee for access to stadiums to transmit league games.

In Roures’ opinion the new timetable, which includes matches from 12pm until 10pm, is a good idea although he admits there might be some changes and variations should the need arise. One of these could be Barca and Real Madrid playing at noon despite Roures having previously dismissed the idea because of “traditional reasons and the fact the two are already upper echelon clubs that have no traditional kick-off time and whose stadiums are enormous.”

However, Roures said: “Both Barcelona and Real Madrid might play at midday; we could try it one day. We have these kick-off times because we believe they are good for football and also for the spectators. If eventually this proves not to be the case, then we will change them. But at the moment we think we have got it right.”

As for the storm brewing with the radio stations he commented: “They will end up paying to enter the stadiums. What they are doing now [ recounting games from television images ] is illegal.”

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