Del Nido: “The League is like a marathon, and Sevilla have not started on the wrong foot”

Jose Maria del Nido has reflected on the opening results achieved by his team Sevilla, and was quick to remind supporters of the most important element.

The club President said, as Marca reports: “The League is a long distance race, like a marathon, and we have not started on the wrong foot, winning one against a hyper-reinforced Malaga, and drawing one against the fourth best team in Spain, until proven otherwise.

“It is true that we were left with a bad taste in Villarreal, because we should have won in light of the circumstances when we went ahead.”

Del Nido also had words of belief for his new Coach Marcelino Garcio Toral: “We know what football is, and there are days where one is more successful and other days where one is less. That’s what Coaches are there for, to correct errors.”

The President is also currently involved in an action to organise the League’s teams to move for fairer distribution of television rights money. Last week he held a meeting with 12 of the clubs and yesterday reflected on the process he has begun:

“It will be a fight for a very long way and we will lose many battles. However, there is a strong will among the clubs to end the unequal distribution of television rights, which is the cause of competitive inequality. This led us from the most competitive to the least competitive League in Europe.”

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