Fabregas: “Wenger convinced Arsenal to lower asking price and sell me”

Cesc Fabregas has thanked Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger for the role he played in not only developing his career as a footballer, but opening up the possibility of his eventual return to Barcelona.

The former Arsenal captain was speaking to El Pais and revealed when he first considered rejoining Barcelona, and the role Wenger played in his return to the Camp Nou.

“We were in four competitions: the League Cup, FA Cup, Champions League and in the Premier League we were second. In the end we lost intensity and…nothing.

“However, it was not just about not winning. I had the idea of returning when Barca showed interest. What was clear then was I was going to Barcelona or continuing with Arsenal.

“I never thought about going for money or for other reason. I never considered another option, even as from 18 I received offers.”

When asked about the role Wenger had in his development, Fabregas was quick to deny accusations when the Frenchman signed him that he had poached him from the Barcelona academy.

“That is the wrong picture of him. Had it not been for Wenger, I would not now be a Barcelona player. I would not have debuted for Arsenal at 16, played in the Champions League final at 18 and been team captain at 20, without him, I don’t know where I would be.

“Of course, I would also not be a Barcelona player without him, because he helped me with the owners at Arsenal. They would not sell under any circumstances and he convinced them to do so, and to lower the asking price.”

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