Mallorca prevented Laudrup from resigning after row with owner

Mallorca CEO Pedro Terrasa reportedly stopped Michael Laudrup from resigning as Coach yesterday, as the fall-out from his disagreement with Vice-President Lorenzo Serra Ferrer continues.

The two have sparred openly in the past few days over the club’s transfer policy, with Laudrup claiming it has been ‘improvised’, whilst Ferrer – who also serves as the club’s sporting director responsible for transfer activity – argues that the club have had no choice in light of their serious financial restrictions under administration.

Diario de Mallorca report that Laudrup had decided by Saturday to hand in his resignation over the matter, until Terresa intervened, and held several long phone discussions with the Dane in an attempt to convince him to stay.

Ferrer, who is also the club’s majority shareholder, then approved mediation talks, and it is believed that he has reached a pact with Laudrup to work together for the foreseeable future, and ideally to the end of the season, before reassessing their working relationship.

Meanwhile AS understand that Miguel Angel Nadal – former teammate to Laudrup and his current assistant Coach – has also played a key role in softening the tension between the two men. Both President Juame Cladera and Terresa have spoken of the detrimental effect looking for a new Coach after just one round of fixtures will have on Mallorca’s season.

Laudrup has returned to training the team today, whilst Ferrer is understood to be taking a few days away from the club, so as to relieve tension from the situation. It is understood though that the agreement to work together is only for technical continuity at this stage, and not a resolution of their public disagreement, one that in light of Laudrup’s comments, Ferrer is understood to have taken particular exception to.

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