Racing Santander: La Liga’s poor relations

Even the two biggest clubs in Spain would probably agree that television rights among the 20 La Primera clubs are unfairly distributed, with Barcelona and Real Madrid getting 41% of total income (some €140m-a-year each) and clubs like Racing Santander being left to pick up the scraps.

Such is the void between the ´haves` and ´have-nots` that the broadcasting contract for the next three seasons means Racing will remain the poor relations of Spain’s top-flight, earning less from TV rights than even recently-promoted Rayo Vallecano and Granada. Indeed, the Cantabrians will only pick up close to €14m per season from Mediapro, the company that owns the rights, a figure almost ten times less than Barca and Real. This figure is arrived at by adding together income from television rights and the so-called ´U Televisiva`, the luminous perimeter advertising boards seen during matches, together with radio contracts.

Unsurprisingly, the Racing hierarchy are unhappy with this form of share-out and are already looking with optimism to the 2014/15 season when a new deal will be put on the table. It will be something that Racing, as club President Francisco Pern

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