‘Radio War’ between reporters and the Spanish League set to go to court

The battle between the Spanish League and the country’s radio stations continues this week with the two parties set to clash in court over their differences.

Spanish broadcasters have taken legal action against the League after its journalists were refused entry to Week 2’s League fixtures on account of orders handed down from the LFP.

It is understood that the heads of radio stations both national and local will meet on Thursday to discuss what they believe is the ‘legitimate and constitutional defence of the right to inform’.

The League initially refused entry to radio broadcast journalists for Week 2’s fixtures (the opening round of games in light of the AFE’s strike action) on a point of disagreement with radio stations over whether or not they should pay a fee to continue to report on games. The League’s stance – led by Mediapro President Jaume Roures – is that the accreditation radio journalists are entering stadiums under does not cover the right to live commentary.

Radio stations believe paying for the ticket and Article 20 of the Spanish Constitution that governs the right to information ably covers them to report live on events at League games, whilst the League argues that they are entitled to a fee given the clubs hold broadcasting rights for games.

Depending on reports, the fee demanded varies from €10,000-25,000 for local stations to €2m a year for national stations, with a total projected increased income for the LFP put at €15m a year. At the moment, almost all of the radio stations have refused to pay these fees.

Interestingly, not all clubs are in agreement with the League’s plans, with Sevilla President Jose Maria del Nido allowing local stations to report in-game on Sevilla-Malaga. El Confidencial understands that the League made it clear they would fine any clubs that granted access in Week 2 to radio journalists, with the outcome in Sevilla’s case currently unknown.

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