‘Radio War’ forces journalists to seek alternative means to report on League games

The dispute between the Spanish League (LFP) and the country’s radio broadcasters continued this weekend, with journalists still refused entry to Primera and Segunda grounds.

According to EFE, and as El Confidencial reports, broadcast journalists that would ordinarily have attended the games, were instead resigned to commentating on games from the studios of their broadcast stations and recounting action from television images.

Games that were not televised were relayed by phone, whilst it is also believed some gained access to matches, but only on an individual basis depending on the station and their relationship with the club in question.

The situation confirmed the broadcasters’ united stance in refusing to pay the fees demanded this summer by the League to continue to cover games as they have the last 80 years previous.

The dispute centres on the League’s belief that the clubs hold broadcast rights, and that the radio stations must pay an annual fee as television stations do, in order to broadcast their games.

However, the journalists are defending their position of refusing to meet fees that will vary from €10,000-25,000 for local stations and up to €2m a year for national stations, by stating Article 20 of the Spanish Constitution that governs the right to information.

There were a couple of novel ways journalists found of getting around the dispute to report on live action. Reporters found a building terrace that overlooked the Campo de f

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