Rayo fans to vote on stadium name change

Rayo Vallecano fans group, La Plataforma ADRV, are to hold a referendum to choose a new name for their stadium.

The current name Estadio Teresa Rivero is seen by the fans as the final trace of the former regime that nearly ruined the club and left it on the verge of disappearance. For many years – and especially since the departure of the Ruiz-Mateos family – many fans have refused to call the stadium by the name imposed on them by the former owners, but there is now a need to make the name change official at club, League and media levels.

To choose a new name there will be a referendum and supporters will be given the opportunity to vote for one of three options that have been selected by the ADRV. The names have been chosen with the intention of being permanent and beyond future modification. The change will represent a symbolic reclamation of the stadium by the followers of Rayo.

The referendum will take place before the start of the first two home games of the season, against Zaragoza today and then before the Levante game. Members can choose one of three options:

• Nuevo Estadio de Vallecas
• Estadio de Vallecas
• Campo de Futbol de Vallecas

There will also be an option to choose a fourth alternative name. Early opinion from the fans has indicated that Campo de Futbol de Vallecas is the current preferred choice of many.

La Plataforma ADRV has been instrumental in giving a voice to the supporters of the club during a turbulent summer and they continue to monitor the actions of their new owners to ensure that the best interests of the club are being served and the mistakes of the previous regime are not repeated.

Real Betis held a similar referendum when they recently changed the name of their ground from Estadio Manuel Ruiz de Lopera to Estadio Benito Villamar

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