Bojan won’t return to Barcelona whilst Guardiola is Coach

Bojan Krkic has criticised Pep Guardiola for failing to recognise his unhappiness at not getting any playing time at Barcelona, and revealed that he will not return to the club so long as Guardiola is Coach.

The young Spanish international appeared on TV3’s El Convidat programme and was heavily disparaging of his former Coach’s man-management style.

“I was not happy because I didn’t play and I didn’t have any continuity. I was sad, I did not want to play or train. At Wembley I thought I would play. I was discouraged because I thought that whatever I did had no effect.

“The times I tried to talk to him the words would not come out. It is one thing not to play and quiet another not to feel part of the group. As much as I did, his eyes did not see it.”

Barcelona sold Bojan to Roma this summer in a €12m deal that sees them able to buy him back for €17m in summer 2012 or €13m in summer 2013, but the player revealed any return would not occur whilst Guardiola is still Coach.

“Whatever I did he had nothing to do with. From what I’ve experienced with Pep, I do not think it is the best option to return with him. I believe that it would cost but if they called me at the end of this season I would say no.

“I said goodbye to the people who were good to me. To Pep I did not and nor did he call me all summer.”

However, Bojan did clarify the issue is between him and the Coach, finishing the interview with a contrasting positive note.

“As a fan, Pep is the best Coach you can have at the club. As a player, I have been unlucky not to figure in his plans.”

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