Garrido given vote of confidence at Villarreal

President Fernando Roig has given Juan Carlos Garrido a vote of confidence after a section of supporters called for the Villarreal boss to resign during the 2-2 draw with Real Zaragoza at the weekend. The Yellow Submarine have made a disappointing start to the season with just one win in the opening six league games, with successive 2-0 Champions League defeats to Bayern Munich and Napoli.

However, in an interview with Radio Vila-real a clearly annoyed Roig said: “I am quite sure we will succeed with Garrido on the bench. We have a fantastic Coach and the fans take out their frustrations on the weakest, which is always the Coach, but I am the one who is solely responsible. If they want me to go they can tell me and I’ll go,” he added, while claiming he did understand chants of ‘Garrido vete ya’ -‘Garrido go now’ – emanating from the stands against Zaragoza. “The truth is that I thought they were coming from opposing supporters telling Agapito Iglesias [the Zaragoza President] to go; I couldn’t believe it.”

Furthermore, Roig insisted that Garrido would be at the club for a good while: “I am not going to leave my greatest assets, which are the players, to a total stranger,” he explained. “I want somebody from within and we should be proud of that. Garrido did a great job with the academy and achieved a difficult promotion with the B team, so I’m sure he’ll bring us a lot of success.”

Roig also made it clear he had already told fans it was a time to make adjustments and limit spending, with more emphasis placed on young players coming through, adding: “It was incredible that last year we qualified for the Champions League. If we are bad I don’t know what the rest are like.”

Nonetheless, he has called a meeting for Thursday night in the lounge area at El Madrigal, where he will meet fans face-to-face so they can explain directly what problems they believe the team has and why they are so upset. It is an initiative that is not new. Four years ago Roig introduced the so-called ‘chat with the President’ in which he invited supporters to air any grievances, although the experiment has not been repeated since.

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