Juan Mata reassures that Spain’s ambition is to win against Scotland

Juan Mata has reflected on his performance and that of his teammates after Spain record a 2-0 win over Czech Republic on Friday evening, and promised that the team will aim for the same against Scotland on Tuesday.

The former Valencia playmaker netted in the sixth minute to send Vicente Del Bosque’s men on their way, but gave credit to Xavi Hernandez’ performance.

“I’m pleased with the game, having played the entire match and having scored. The assist is nearly half the goal and Xavi has many assists to give yet.

“[On Friday] we secured the result without reaching too far into our pocket and risking [players]. We always try to play football in the best way we can and [on Friday] we have benefited so much from the early goal.”

The youngster also intimated the team will look for a perfect record of eight wins from eight when they finish qualifying on Tuesday against Scotland.

“I think Vicente does not let us relax, and as he said the other day, we will try to be as competitive as normal in these two games, as we have shown [on Friday].

“We will try to win [against Scotland] too. If I have the chance to play then I will try to take advantage and win.”

Indeed, Mata was quick to emphasise the importance of being involved in every game, and his determination to make the most of any opportunity afforded him.

“Playing is very important for me and for everyone, because competition to play for Spain is intense. [Friday] there were important people who did not play. For me, it is always important to play.”

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