LFP takes direct action in Radio War by requesting television signals are cut

The Spanish League (LFP) is continuing with aggressive action in their dispute with the radio stations over charging for broadcast rights by now requesting that the stations have their television broadcast signals cut.

The idea is that the LFP involve the television studios by getting them to prevent the radio stations from broadcasting games by cutting their signal.

The LFP and radio stations have been in a dispute dubbed the ‘Radio War’ for the past few weeks over the League’s intention to introduce a stepped fee that radio stations will be required to pay in order to continue to gain access to Primera and Segunda Division grounds to broadcast games.

However, the radio stations are fighting the decision to introduce a fee to continue with a service they argue they have been provided for free for 80 years and falls under the Spanish Constitution’s right to information article.

In taking this stance, the radio stations – banned from entering grounds – have been forced to find novel ways to continue broadcasting – the simplest of these being commentating on television pictures.

As a direct result of their ability to so far continue broadcasting games, the LFP has now taken the action to involve the television signal operators in an official letter to either ‘control or prevent’ the radio stations from viewing and broadcasting games.

The LFP has provided the television signal operators a list of names and addresses of where they believe the radio stations are broadcasting from and reiterated that they are not protected by the ‘right to inform’ when they are reporting over the radio on televised images.

Marca understands that the LFP is urging the television signal operators to request an immediate stop to the broadcasting of both League and Cup games to the radio operators.

The letter was sent out on Wednesday November 5 with an urgent request to take action within 48 hours and for television operators to not only cut the signal to these radio broadcasters, but also remove encoders, antennas or cards that allow them to watch the games.

It will also include cancellation of contracts with the different radio stations. The LFP has also called on the television operators to update them with progress in these efforts, with the threat of legal action hanging over them if it is deemed appropriate.

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