Lionel Messi set to wear revolutionary Adidas boots in official Barcelona games

According to Barcelona’s Lionel Messi is set to wear a pair of football boots with a ‘chip’ in the sole to record different types of information during a game. The revolutionary footwear will be able to monitor the distance covered by the Argentine, his maximum and average speed, and even capture his movements in 360º.

It is understood Messi will carry the chip – which weighs 165 grams and does not alter the design of the boots – in his Adidas F50 Adizeros from November in official matches for Barcelona.

However, he has already tested it in Argentina’s friendly with Nigeria on September 6 and the German manufacturers could not have been more delighted with the results. One of the company’s vice-presidents, Markus Baumann, believes they will revolutionise the world of technology when it is applied to sport.

“For the first time ever players will have the opportunity to compare their data and target performance with the best in the world,” said Baumann, while Adidas’ director of interactive technology, Simon Drabble, insisted: “This tool will allow many top athletes to improve their performance.”

Drabble also announced that the ‘miCoach Speed Cell’ sensor, which has a storage capacity of up to seven hours, is the first in a long list of intelligent devices capable of storing and monitoring data collected on the field of play. Information can then be transmitted to any PC, Mac or Tablet and Messi has promised to share it with fans after every game via his personal web page.

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