Radio stations plan to denounce the Spanish League and Mediapro in broadcast dispute

After six fixtures of the 2011/12 La Liga season radio stations are still being denied entry into Spanish stadiums due to an ongoing dispute with the Spanish League (LFP), the clubs and Mediapro, the company that owns the right to broadcast live matches.

The Spanish League are demanding stations transmitting games should pay a fee while the broadcasters themselves refuse to do so, citing Article 20 of the Spanish Constitution which governs the right to freedom of information. But, according to El Periodista Digital, the radio companies are set to put more pressure on the LFP, Mediapro and the clubs by denouncing them.

A statement issued on Monday night and agreed to by all radio stations stated: “The Spanish Association of Broadcasting (AERC) has decided that if radio stations are not allowed into grounds next weekend, then it plans to file a lawsuit against the first and second presidents of each club and the LFP.”

The radio stations have recently received support from several quarters, not least of which is the Spanish government, whose spokesman Jos

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