Radio stations will sue La Liga clubs that deny them access to stadiums

After a decision adopted at a meeting on Thursday, and with fresh support from Spanish National Radio (RNE), radio stations have decided they will sue clubs that deny them access to stadiums to broadcast live La Liga games.

The action, to be undertaken by each station and against each club that impedes them, is expected to include a request to be able to transmit matches while the judiciary process is still ongoing.

The Spanish League (LFP) are demanding that radio stations should pay a fee to broadcast matches while the broadcasters themselves refuse to do so, citing Article 20 of the Spanish Constitution which governs the right to information. However, the stations are adamant they will not pay and insist the fee required by the LFP violates the right to information of the more than four million listeners who follow their sports broadcasts every weekend, which have been transmitted uninterrupted for more than 50 years.

Nonetheless, after Thursday’s meeting President of Onda Cero Javier Gonz

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