Rodgers talks on Mourinho influence

Swansea City manager Brendan Rodgers has talked about how he came to use the European 4-3-3 formation, and reflected on the role Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho has had on his career.

“It wasn’t just at Chelsea that I came round to that way of thinking. I have always coached my teams like that. From 20 years of age I studied in Spain and travelled throughout Europe, to understand the structure and the formation of 4-3-3.

“I had always done that as a youth coach, but obviously going to Chelsea allowed me to work with players at the very highest level, both youths and seniors. It also allowed me to explore and experiment with how far you can take that system with really good players.”

Rodgers, 38, was approached by Jose Mourinho to become Chelsea youth team manager in 2004, going on to manager the reserve team in 2006, before leaving to manage Watford, giving him the chance to work with the Portuguese coach:

“When you get the chance to work with such managers it gives you a chance to learn from the best and develop, and Jose was a fantastic influence for me… I have been very fortunate to be able to work with lots of very good managers, world-class managers. I have then hopefully been intelligent enough to take on board the good and the bad, and work it into my own identity.”

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