United Primera Division clubs set to meet with LFP next week

Half of the Primera Division’s clubs have requested a meeting with the Spanish League (LFP) for next week to discuss the League’s powers and that of its board.

As El Periodico Mediterrano reports 10 clubs – Atletico Madrid, Athletic Bilbao, Sevilla, Real Betis, Real Sociedad, Racing Santander, Valencia, Osasuna, Zaragoza and Getafe – have called for a meeting to be held for 11.30am on Tuesday November 18.

This would coincide with the Royal Spanish Football Federation’s (RFEF) Comision Delegada’s latest meeting to deal with administrative matters, as confirmed by the League.

The clubs’ request follows September 8’s meeting called and chaired by Sevilla President Jose Maria del Nido that invited all Primera Division clubs bar Barcelona and Real Madrid to find a way of improving such issues as the uneven distribution of television rights money between the clubs.

The 10 clubs listed above attended and announced after that initial meeting that they had agreed to a proposal for ‘a profound change in the current structure of the League to the relevant statutory modification’. With regards television rights distribution, the group declared it must have a more balanced structure so as to be ‘the best way to defend the interests of professional football’.

This was followed with a meeting on October 3 on the initiative of Atletico and Valencia, where del Nido declared that the ‘League should be more just, equitable and more proportional to what each team brings’.

The significant factor is that next Tuesday’s meeting will be the first that will see LFP representatives in attendance. Administrator general Jose Luis Astiazaran, general secratary Carlos del Campo, director general Francisco Roca and first Vice-President – and Levante President – Quico Catalan will all be present.

Whilst focusing on the television rights package, the meeting will also take time to discuss the development of the collective bargaining agreement between the LFP and the Spanish Footballers’ Association (AFE) and the ‘Radio War’ between the LFP and the country’s radio broadcasters.

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