Villarreal President asks fans to take a reality check

Villarreal President, Fernando Roig, has with pleaded with fans to ‘keep their feet on the ground’ following a Thursday night meeting to which he had invited those who wanted to address their concerns about the team’s poor start to the season.

Roig came face-to-face with supporters who had aired their grievances during last week’s 2-2 draw with Real Zaragoza and had shouted for boss Juan Carlos Garrido to resign. Accepting that Villarreal fans – who in the past have been known for their loyalty and patience – have a right to protest as they see fit, the president asked for a reality check, saying: “I want the supporters to realise that we are playing in the Champions League and have been in La Primera for 12 consecutive years, so we need everybody to be pulling together.”

He added: “A lot of teams would like to be in our position, from cities that have bigger populations and a larger media presence. That is to say, we need to keep our feet on the floor and look at things as they are.”

As he had done earlier this week Roig reiterated his support for Garrido, saying “he is a Coach we need to have in our ranks” and reminded the fans that he always likes to promote players and coaching staff from within the club.

“To have a great team we must all be united,” continued Roig, “I want everybody to understand that it is difficult. The fans have a right to complain, but it is just a few and if we are not pulling in the same direction then it is even more difficult.”

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