How the tickets were won in A Different League’s Heineken Star Player competition

This week saw the first Heineken Star Player mini-league for staff and fans of A Different League, and one of our lucky entrants went home with two tickets to the Champions League Group E decider between Chelsea and Valencia in two weeks time.

For those of you unaware of Heineken Star Player, it is a free, real-time prediction game that allows you to earn points based on your footballing instincts. Will they score from this corner? Will the free-kick be saved? Will there be a goal in the next 30 seconds? Moving your way up your league table, ahead of your friends, proving your superior knowledge and ability to stay one step ahead. The aim is to play against either your friends in a private league, or in a larger, world-wide group – in either mode it provdes a welcome addition to your evening of Champions League enjoyment, played on your computer, tablet or iPhone.

For the A Different League group, we played two games over the last round of Champions League clashes – Manchester City’s ill-fated trip to Napoli, and Chelsea’s ill-fated tie with Bayer Leverkusen – but while English football didn’t have much to celebrate, one English football fan would by the end of the night.

Tuesday saw MariD take control of the first half, run closely behind by the optimistically named Goal Guesser Tim, MushyQ and 86Cammy. But the second half must have seen a slip in concentration as SCampbell88 upped their game to leapfrog the leading pack, and give themselves a huge advantage going into the second leg on Wednesday.

The second night saw MariD falter under the pressure of the occasion, with MushyQ taking a lead into half time. Yet just when we thought the winner over the two nights would need to be worked out on points, SCampbell88 correctly guessed a corner outcome to overtake MushyQ, with little time for reply.

After a hard-fought battle, the winner of the Champions League tickets, and our respect, was SCampbell88, who can now claim to have the best footballing instincts amongst A Different League staff and fans.

If you want to know more about playing Heineken Star Player, or to set-up your own league for your friends, check out the following article:

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